Smoke Machine Hire

A great accessory for any event
If you want to take your party from good to mind-blowing, then a smoke machine is the perfect party solution for you. Smoke machines create a mysterious edge to any event and set the mood beautifully. This is a product perfect for live concerts as well as themed parties. Combine your smoke machine with lasers and lights and bring your entire event to life!

A smoke machine produces thick clouds of smoke and smog, and sits close to the ground and dissipates as it rises. This is usually created by dry ice, liquid air as well as liquid nitrogen.

Mobile Smoke Machines

This machine is portable therefore popular for DJ's and bands that travel from venue to venue. These machines can come in many forms- from free standing to being mounted on a bracket.

Low Fogger Chiller

This option creates a magnificent blanket of white clouds and will add a magical element to your party.

Smoke Machine Liquid

5 Litres - Smoke Machine Liquid

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Smoke Machines